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ٍAward a master's degree to Ali Fayez


The Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology awards a master's degree

The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master’s degree to the student “Ali Fayez Jassem”, Department of Materials Engineering/ University of Technology, for his thesis tagged:

"Reducing failure of high voltage insulators"

 Where the discussion took place in the Postgraduate Studies Hall in Building C in the department on Thursday 11/11/2021, and the discussion committee consisted of:

  1. Prof. Dr. Abbas Khammas Hussein (Chairman)
  2. Assist. Prof. Dr. Star Radi's news (Member)
  3. Assist. Prof. Dr. Laith Waddah Ismail (Member)
  4. Assist. Prof. Dr. Mayada Shanan Abed (Supervisor and member)
  5. Assist. Prof. Dr. Khaled Khudair Abbas (Supervisor and member)

The dissertation had evaluated scientifically by Prof. Dr. Shehab Ahmed Zidan/ University of Technology/ Department of Applied Sciences and Assist. Prof. Dr. Shaima Jaber Mariam/ University of Babylon/ College of Materials Engineering, and linguistically by Senior Lecturer Dr. Naseer Abdul-Hussein Nasser/ University of Technology/ Materials Engineering Department.


The study aimed to treat and reduce insulation failures in the electrical insulation of electrical insulators of high voltage, where a nano-coating of silica and nanopolymers was used, coupling from an angle of contact of 158.

 After the discussion, the committee recorded its notes on the thesis, which were split between explanation and correction, and the student’s defense of her work and the discussion ended. The committee decided to evaluate the thesis and grant the student a master’s degree with a full grade.


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