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ٍAward a master's degree to Zainab Khaled


The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master’s degree to the student "Zainab Khaled Younes", Department of the Materials Engineering/ University of Technology, for her tagged thesis.

"Evolution of mechanical behavior for Nano composite plates"

Where the discussion took place in the Postgraduate Studies Hall in Building C in the department on Wednesday 10/11/2021, and the discussion committee consisted of:

  1. Assist. Prof. Dr. Jamal Jalal Daoud (Chairman)
  2. Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatima Jaafar Muhammad (Member)
  3. Assist. Prof. Dr. Hamed Ali Hussein (Member)
  4. Prof. Dr. Abbas Khammas Hussein (Supervisor and member)
  5. Assist. Prof. Dr. Laith Qais Abbas (Supervisor and member)

The dissertation had evaluated scientifically by Assist. Prof. Dr. Basem Ajil Abbas/ University of Babylon/ College of Materials Engineering and Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jawad Muhammad/ University of Technology/ Department of Electrochemical Engineering, and linguistically by Senior Lecturer Dr. Naseer Abdul-Hussein Nasser/ University of Technology/ Materials Engineering Department.


In this study, the Properties of a polyester-based composites, using nanoparticle fillers ((TiO2) and (SiO2), were investigated. The mechanical, physical, miscibility and morphology tests were studied Moreover, buckling analysis of nanocomposite plates with cutout was investigated including the effect of design parameters such as cutout shape, size, position, direction, number of cutouts etc. in addition to the plate aspect ratio on the buckling behavior and comparing the experimental and numerical results. The main conclusion was that the presence of cutout could equally well raise the buckling load just as much as lower it. On the other hand, the experimental results were better than the numerical results with percentage (2.3-8.2%). Nanocomposite plates are utilized as underlying parts in aviation, auto and marine designing constructions. Patterns are generally set up as access ports in electrical and mechanical structures or only for decreasing weight.


After the discussion, the committee recorded its notes on the thesis, which were split between explanation and correction, and the student’s defense of her work and the discussion ended. The committee decided to evaluate the thesis and grant the student a master’s degree with a full grade.

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