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ٍAward a master's degree to Hala Mohamed

The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master’s degree to the student Hala Mohamed Shehab, Department of Materials Engineering/ University of Technology, for her tagged thesis (Plastic waste and Sawdust for Sustainable Composite materials)

The discussion was held on the discussions hall / building B / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Monday (09/11/2021). The discussion committee was formed of the teaching staff listed:


Position in the Committee


Assist. Prof. Dr. .  Muhammad Osama Abbas


Assist. Prof. Dr.  Rana Thabet Abd


Lec. Dr.  Muhammad Rumeid Gharkan


Assist.Prof. Dr.  Mohamed Abdel Hussein Mohamed


Assist.Prof. Dr.   Sarmad Emad Ibrahim



















The dissertation was scientifically evaluated by Prof. Dr. Ibtihal Abdul Razzaq Mahmoud/ University of Technology/ Mechanical Engineering Department, and Asist. Prof. Dr. Massar Najim Obaid/ University of Babylon/ College of Materials Engineering and linguistically by Assist. Prof.  Dr. Khaled Khudair Abbas/ University of Technology/ Department of Materials Engineering.


Prepare wood plastic composite material(WPC) from plastic and sawdust waste  to minimize environmental  pollution by hand mixing. The (depolymrization pet, VV/55, Unsaturated polyester resin) and Sawdust as reinforcement ( treated and untreated). The results  show that specimen with treated sawdust have mechanical and physical properties better than untreated sample.

The discussion of the dissertation was conducted in a scientific atmosphere and a master's degree with grade of pass was awarded to the student after the completion of all the corrections that have been decided by the examiners.






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