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ٍAward a master's degree to Aya Nahed

The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master’s degree to the student Aya Nahed Mohsen, Department of Materials Engineering/ University of Technology, for her tagged thesis (Advanced coating to make low carbon steel suitable for many industrial applications)

The discussion was held on the discussions hall / building B / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Monday (08/11/2021). The discussion committee was formed of the teaching staff listed:


Position in the Committee


Prof. Dr. . Rana Afif Majeed


Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Najm


Lec. Dr. Hind Basil Ali


Chief researcher Dr. Hussain Muhammad Yusuf


Lec. Dr.  Sura Salem Ahmed

















The dissertation was scientifically evaluated by Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahim Kazem Abdul Ali / University of Babylon / Faculty of Materials Engineering, and Asist. Prof. Dr. Khaled Hamid Rashid/ University of Technology/ College of Materials Engineering/ Department of Chemical Engineering and linguistically by Lec. Dr. Sondos Karim Juma/ University of Technology/ Electrochemical Engineering Department.


The study aimed to enhance corrosion properties for low carbon steel surface by using flame thermal spraying technique to deposit a Ni-Cu (Monel) protective coating overlay. The optimum coating parameters were (125 mm (level 2) spray distance, 30 g (level 3) N10 powder rate, substrate surface roughness, 50 mm/min (level 2) gun carrier transverse velocity). The results of SEM show the coating layer is rich in Ni-Cu, which makes it more resistant to corrosion. XRD showed the Cu and Ni-Cu phases. The erosion rate was measured by using 3.5% NaCl solution showed the minimum weight loss (0.00166 mm/year).

The discussion of the dissertation was conducted in a scientific atmosphere and a master's degree with grade of pass was awarded to the student after the completion of all the corrections that have been decided by the examiners.



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