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ٍAward a master's degree to Abdul Rahman Kamel

The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a master’s degree to Abdul Rahman Kamel Abdul Rahim, Department of Materials Engineering/ University of Technology, for his tagged dissertation (Using recycling waste materials for preparing Eco-concrete)

The discussion was held on the discussions hall / building C / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Sunday (14/11/2021). The discussion committee was formed of the teaching staff listed:


Position in the Committee

Prof. Dr.  Alaa Aladdin Abdel Hamid


Assist. Prof. Dr.  Sarmad Emad Ibrahim


Assist. Prof. Dr.  Ayman Jamil Kazem


Assist. Prof. Dr.  Nahed Mahmoud Ali


Lec. Dr.  Ahmed Hussein Ali















The dissertation was scientifically evaluated by Lec. Dr. Raed Kazem Muhammad/Al-Mustansiriya University/College of Engineering/Department of Materials Engineering, and Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Attia Jabr/ University of Technology/ Civil Engineering Department and linguistically by Lec. Dr. Zainab Nayef Rashid/ University of Technology/ Department of Applied Sciences.


The aim of this study is to evaluate the possibility of using waste rubber tires as a substitute for sand and gravel. The physical and mechanical properties of rubber concrete have been tested for various sizes of rubber chopped by proportions different, so the properties that rubber concrete can gain by using this alternative are low cost, lightweight, toughness, shock absorption, and heat insulation, and preserving the environment by providing a safe solution.


The discussion of the dissertation was conducted in a scientific atmosphere and a master's degree with grade of pass was awarded to the student after the completion of all the corrections that have been decided by the examiners.







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