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The Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology held a workshop entitled (Body patterns and blood types and their relationship to personality traits) On Sunday, 4/7/2021, at 10 am, in the discussion room in Building C.

The workshop was attended by the Head of the Materials Engineering Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alaa Jaber and the rapporteur of the department, Lec. Dr. Heba Anwar Abdullah.

The lectures of the workshop were delivered by Prof.Dr. Agharid Salem Abdel Reda/ Al-Mustansiriya University/ College of Science and  Assist.  Prof. Dr. Lama Akram Gallo/ University of Technology /Department of Materials Engineering.

The Assist.Prof. Dr. Lama Akram discussed the body patterns and their classifications and how to estimate the body pattern. She also discussed the classification and types of blood. As for Prof. Dr. Agharid Salem discussed the relationship of body patterns and blood types to personality traits. At the end of the workshop, the head of the department presented the certificates of appreciation to the two lecturers.




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