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A cooperation contract

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A cooperation contract between the Department of Materials Engineering-University of Technology and the College of Biotechnology - Al-Nahrain University was occurred.

The agreement between Biomaterials Engineering and Artificial Prostheses branch in the Materials Engineering Department is to achieve a fruitful cooperation between the University of Technology - Materials Engineering Department and Al-Nahrain University - College of Biotechnology in the fields (academic, research, training, technical, development).


The two universities have agreed to conclude this agreement:

  • Develop and support frameworks of mutual understanding in the practical and comprehensive educational mechanisms.
  • Help to strengthen relations between them through activate the exchange of scientific and practical experiences.
  • Activate the training of students, exchange teaching for faculty members, conducting joint projects, holding seminars and conferences,
  • Exchange various field visit for teachers, students and researchers, and activating joint supervision process for postgraduate student research between the two universities.



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