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PhD defense (Hiba Anwar Abdul Allah)


The department of Materials Engineering in University of Technology awarded the PhD degree to graduate student Hiba Anwar Abdul Allah under her thesis titled “Deposition of Advanced Coating for Industrial Applications”. The final defense occurred in building-C of the Department of Materials Engineering on Monday 04/12/2021. The defense committee consist of: - 


  • Dr. Abaas Khamas Hussain - chair
  • Dr. Bassam Ghalib Rashid - member          
  • Assist Prof. Dr. Hussain Alaa Jaber - member
  • Assist Prof. Dr, Rana Sabah Jawad - member
  • Assist Prof. Dr. Jamal Jalal Dawood - member
  • Dr. Rana Afif Majeed- supervisor
  • Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassen - supervisor

The thesis scientific reviewer Assist Prof. Dr. Amal Saleh Mirza- Isra University College-Chemical Engineering College. The thesis linguistic reviewer Assist Prof. Dr. Laith Wadah Isamil- University of Technology- Materials Engineering Department.



This work is an attempt to increasing corrosion resistance of SS 316 L through coating with CeO2/β-TCP composites by RF sputtering technique at constant conditions. The composites include the substitution of cerium oxide in TCP lattice structure with seven weight percents. Many techniques were used to confirm the substitution involve XRD, FESEM/EDS and AFM, generally, (60%CeO2/40%TCP and 70%CeO2/30%TCP) gave the best substitution.

Some biological properties were measured for coated SS 316L specimens inculding antibacterial, good biocompatibility and ability to osseointegration. Some mechanical properties were tested included adhesion and microhardness. Electrochemical property (Corrosion) in SBF at 37oC was tested to measure corrosion data.


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