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Master student discussion (Hiyam Mezher Jedi)

The Master student (Hiyam Mezher Jedi) discussed her dissertation entitled ( Applying Coating to Corrosion Control for Different Application). The discussion was held on the discussions hall / building C / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Thursday (26/11/2020). The discussion committee was formed of the teaching staff listed:




Position in the Committee


Prof. Dr. Kazem Abdul Wahid


Assist. Prof. Majid Hamid Abdul Majeed


Lec. Dr. Sura Salem Ahmed


Prof. Dr. Rana Afif Majeed


Chief Researcher. Abdullah Adnan Abdul Karim




















The dissertation was scientifically evaluated by Assist. Prof. Dr. Kholoud Abdel Saleh/ University of Baghdad / College of Sciences, and linguistically by Lec. Dr. Zainab Naif Rashid/ University of Technology / Department of Applied Sciences


The study aimed to improve nickel coating to protect carbon steel from corrosion. Three different percentages of niobium pentoxide were added to nickel coating (10%, 30%, 50%) and by using the plasma DC sputtering technique, the researcher reached an improvement in the corrosion resistance of carbon steel in corrosive medium from 3.5% NaCl



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