Wednesday, 16 December 2020 17:34

Master student discussion (Ali Faleh Nayef)

The department of Materials Engineering in University of Technology  awarded the master degree to graduate student Ali Faleh Nayef under his thesis titled “Role of engineering Materials in Enhancement of Heat Exchanger Performance”. The final defense occurred in building-C of the Department of Materials Engineering on Monday 12/14/2020. The defense committee  consist of :-  


  • Dr. Bassma Abbas Abdul Majeed               chair
  • Assist Prof. Dr. Nahed Mahmoud Ali        member          
  • Assist Dr. Laith Waddah Ismail                 member
  • Assist Prof. Dr. Kazem Matar Shabib     supervisor
  • Assist Dr. Iyad Kazem Hassan                supervisor


The thesis scientific reviewer is Assist Prof. Dr. Amer Hamid Majeed/ Mustansiri University-Collage of Engineering- Materials Engineering Department. The thesis linguistic reviewer is Assist Prof. Dr. Samir Ali Amin/ University of Technology- Mechanical Engineering Department .


The aim of the study is to improve the performance of heat exchangers by using engineering materials for the purpose of coating a brass tube type (B-111) used in steam condensers for Italian units in the thermal cycle power plant and protecting them from corrosion, unwanted deposits (fouling) and corrosion by erosion. The materials used in coating the samples are epoxy, epoxy with different weight ratios of titanium dioxide nanoparticles TiO₂ (1, 3, 5, 7%) and epoxy with the addition of 1% wt of the MWCNTS. The heat transfer experiments were conducted using a homemade double tube heat exchanger system, where the experiments were conducted on five tubes, which are an uncoated tube, fouled tube and in addition to the three coated tubes and comparison between them. Through this study, the highest corrosion resistance was when adding 7% of titanium dioxide nanoparticles, the contact angle of the coated samples, was the highest angle obtained from epoxy coating with the addition of 1% of the multi-walled carbon nanotubes. As for the study of the effect of coating on the heat performance of the exchanger, experiments showed that the tube coated by epoxy with the addition of 1% of the multi-walled carbon nanotubes had the least effect on the performance compared to the new uncoated tube.


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