Sunday, 13 December 2020 06:05

Participation in a PhD defense


Prof. dr. Ali Husayn Otaiwi at University of Technology/ Materials Engineering department participated in a doctoral defense of student Muhammad Saad Tuama from University of Babylon, the dissertation entitled "Study of Mechanical and Electrochemical Propreties of Gallium Restorative Alloys".

The Committee included:

  1. Professor dr. Ali Husayn Otaiwi as a chair.
  2. Professor dr. Jasim Muhammad Salman as a committee member.
  3. Assistant Professor dr. Zuhayr Talib Khaleef as a committee member.
  4. Assistant Professor dr. Iman Adnan Anoon as a committee member.
  5. Assistant Professor dr. Ameer Hamdy Hakeem as a committee member.
  6. Assistant Professor dr. Ahmad Oda Jasim as an advisor and a committee member.
  7. Assistant Professor dr. Haydar Hasan Jabir as an advisor and a committee member.

Congratulations to the student on his graduation.

Also, a letter of thanks and appreciation was given to Prof. dr. Ali Husayn Otaiwi  from The Dean of the Faculty of Materials Engineering/ Babylon University (Prof. Dr. Emad Ali Dasher) for his efforts in the membership of the discussion committee according to the book No .2450 on 2020/12/1.


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