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Doctorate student discussion (Teeb Adnan Muhammad)

Department Oral Defense of Thesis/Dissertation
A doctoral student “Teeb Adnan Muhammad” defened her dissertation entitled “Effect of environmental condition of multifunctional polymeric composite material manufactured for structural applications” on Monday , August, 7th, at the conference room C/ Materials Engineering Department/University of Technology. The Committee included:
1. Professor Qusay Fadhil Abdulhameed- as a chair.
2. Assistant Professor Jawad Kadhim Olaywi- as a committee member.
3. Assistant Professor Akram Raheem Jabr- as a committee member.
4. Assistant Professor Ali Husayn Muhammad- as a committee member.
5. Assistant Professor Oda Jabbar Brihi- as a committee member.
6. Professor Suhama Isa Salih- as an adviser
7. Assistant Professor Wafaa Mahdi Salih- as an adviser
 preparation and development the multifunctional hybrid laminate nanocomposite materials with multi-functional capabilities, which is characterized by its ability to environmentally protective with actively respond as flame retardancy, acoustic insulator and UV- radiation protection. By preparation of high-performance polymeric materials reinforced with hybrid nanoparticles to increase the durability of the base material to be suited the environmental conditions of used. In addition to the preparation of multifunctional structural layers reinforced with high performance fibers.
Professor Muhammad Kadhim Jawad/ University of Baghdad / College of Science reviewed and characterized the dissertation by the methods of science, whereas assistant professor Sameer Ali Ameen / University of Technology/ Mechanical Engineering Department reviewed the dissertation linguistically to meet the style of English. Congratulations to the student on her graduation.
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