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Doctorate student discussion (Noor Mohammed Jalal)

The PhD student (Noor Mohammed Jalal) discussed her thesis entitled ( Fabrication of electrospun membranes for fuel cell applications). The discussion was held on the discussions hall / building C / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Sunday (6/8/2020). The discussion committee was formed of the teaching staff listed:
Names Position in the Committee
Prof. Dr.  Rana Afif Majeed- Chief
Prof. Dr.  Khaled Murshid Awaid- Member
Assist. Prof.  Dr. Khadim Mutter shabeb- Member
Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Hussein Muhammad- Member
Assist. Prof. Dr.  Shaima Jaber Karim- Member
Assist. Prof. Dr.  Akram Rahim Jabr- Member-supervisor
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salab Hamza- Member-supervisor
Chief Researcher Shurouk Abdullah Idan- supervisor -consultant 
The aim of the research is to fabricate polystyrene polymeric membranes by electrospinning technique followed by the chemical modification by sulfonation reaction.  Sulfonation reaction was done by sulfuric acid as a sulfonation agent at two concentrations (98% and 20%), so the membranes gain proton conductivity properties as well as ion exchange capacity. The membranes would be able to use as a solid electrolyte in proton exchange membranes fuel cells.
The thesis was scientifically evaluated by Prof. Dr. Zuhair Jabbar Abdul Karim / Karbala University / College of Engineering, and linguistically by /Lec. Dr. Qusay Fadel Hassan / University of Technology / Department of Control and Systems Engineering.
The thesis discussion was conducted in a scientific atmosphere and a master's degree with grade of pass was awarded to the student after the completion of all the corrections that have been decided by the examiners.
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