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Doctorate student discussion

"Preparation and properties of natural biopolymers for bone regeneration"
 "تحضير وخواص بوليمر حيوي طبيعي لتجديد العظام"

Doctoral student Ishraq Abdul-Razzaq Kazem discussed her thesis0
"Preparation and properties of natural biopolymers for bone regeneration"
Which was held in the discussion room / Building C / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology on Tuesday 8/18/2020, and the discussion committee was formed from the gentlemen whose names are listed below:
1. Prof. Dr.Mohsen Gabr Goeg as president
2. Prof.Dr. Ismail Muslim Alwan, member
3. Prof.Dr. Zulfiqar Karim Mazal member
4. Asst. Prof. Dr. Laith Qais Abbas, member
5. Asst.Prof . Dr.Wafa Mahdi Saleh, member
6. Prof. Dr  Zuhair Jabbar Abdul Amir supervisor
7. Prof. Dr. Aseel Bassem Abdul Hussein supervisor
The thesis was scientifically evaluated by Prof. Dr. Kazem Kamel Rasan / Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Engineering, and linguistically by Prof.Dr. Samir Ali Amin / University of Technology / Department of Mechanical Engineering. 
 The thesis work deals with the development chitosan (CS) based composite scaffold with improved materials for bone tissue engineering. Chitosan and polyvinyl alcohol scaffolds crosslinked with natural crossliker (genipin) and reinforced with nano hydroxyapatite with different concentrations were successfully prepared by solvent casting and electrospining technique and characteriezed by mechanical , wettability, swelling, degradation, antibacterial activity,in vitro and vivo tests.
The discussion was conducted in a scientific atmosphere, and the student was awarded a doctorate degree with a grade of (Pass) after completing all the amendments that were put forth by the discussants.
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