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Participation in discussion

 Prof Dr .  Aseel Basem Abdul Hussein /one of the Teaching staff Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology had. participated In  a discussion of Master's student Ali Hussein Kaiem, his thesis titled:
"Study the effect of some natural ceramic addetives on the Fracture Mechanics of Metal Matrix composite"
Which was held in the discussion hall / College of Materials Engineering / University of Babylon on Sunday 7/12/2020, and the discussion committee was formed from the gentlemen whose names are listed below:
 1. Prof.  Dr .Shaker Jahil Idris as Chairman
 2. Prof.  Dr Aseel Basem Abdul-Hussein as a member
 3. Prof.  Dr. Jassim Muhammad Salman member
 4. Prof. Dr. Samir Hamed Awwad member - supervisor
 5. Asst. Prof. Mohsen Abbas Aswad as Member - Supervisor
 Dr.  Aseel Basem Abdel-Hussein was discussing the student remotely via the Meet platform.
We used the Iraqi natural bauxite powder in different ratios (2-6%) to reinforced metal matrix composites , it was prepared by using stir casting method with add magnesium powder during the casting to improve the ability to wettability. This study aims to apply digital image correlation and extensometer technique in fracture behavior for composite material during reducing crack opening displacement in crack mouth and crack tip,  and analysis of the area of plastic deformation at crack tip when applying loads as a high stress concentration zone. The results proved the success of the study in adding the natural burned Iraqi bauxite powder to strengthen the composite materials based on aluminum.
The discussion was conducted in a scientific atmosphere, and the student was awarded a master's degree with a grade of (pass).
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