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Participation in discussion

The teaching staff Dr. Qahtan Adnan Hamad from Department of Materials Engineering at  University of Technology in a discussion of Master's student, Asmaa Starr Hamza, her thesis titled
"Effect of Cell Shape on Flexural Strength of Honeycomb Structure: Experimental and Numerical Study"

 And that was held in the discussion hall / College of Materials Engineering / University of Babylon on Monday 5/4/2020, and the discussion committee was formed from the gentlemen whose names are listed below:
1. Prof. Dr. Najm Abdul Amir Saeed as Chairman

  1. Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Karim Mazal as member
    3. Asst. Prof.Dr. Qahtan Adnan Hamad as member
    4. Asst ,Prof Dr. Ahmed Fadhel Hamza as member-supervisor
    5. Asst. Prof. Dr. Ammar Emad Kazem, As Member, Supervisor
    Dr. Qahtan Adnan Hamad discussed the student remotely via Skype.



This study focuses mainly on preparation the honeycomb laminate structure as composite material and studies the effect of cell shape of core, core material and number of skin layers on some mechanical and morphological tests (flexural, impact, hardness and SEM). The materials that are used in this study are epoxy, sic, glass fiber and graphite. Also the Ansys program are used in this study which appear good agreement between the experimental and numerical results.

 The discussion was conducted in a scientific atmosphere, and the student was awarded a MSc. degree with a (Pass ) grade after completing all the modifications that were made by the discussants


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