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participation in discussion

Asst.Prof. Mayada Shanan Abdel / Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology Had  participated in the discussion of the master's student Ayat Sawadi Jassem for her thesis titled "Production of Cellulose acetate from date palm fronds" Which was held in the Department of Biochemical Engineering / College of Engineering Al-Khwarizmi / University of Baghdad on Tuesday, 28/20/2020 The discussion committee was formed from the Ladies and Gentlemen  whose names are listed below:


  1. Prof. Ammar Saleh Abbas, chairman
  2. Asst. Prof. Dr . Mayada Shanan Abdel as a member

3.Lect.Dr. Muhammad Yaqoub Issa as member

4.Asst. Prof. Dr. Shatha Kazem Abdel-Latif as Member, Supervisor

5.Asst.Prof. Dr. Assem Hassan Mohamed, Member - Supervisor



Biopolymers (cellulose Tri- and Di- acetate) were produced from fronds of date palm trees (type teperzol) which were taken from the Iraqi groves. One part of the fronds known as stalk was used in this study to produce cellulose acetates.


The discussion was conducted in a scientific atmosphere, and the student was awarded a master's degree with a grade of (Pass ) after completing all the modifications that were made by the discussants.



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