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Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control / Ministry of Planning granted a patent in the number 4863 dated 28/2/2017 to the academic staff in the Department of Materials Engineering / University of Technology (Dr. Aseel B. Abdul Hussain, Dr. Emad Saadi Abdul Karim, Marwa Sobhi Ata-Allah, where the patent was entitled:

"Manufacturing of alternative materials resistant to erosion and corrosion of aircraft structures, ship fans and marine craft consisting of nanomaterial composites"

In this work,  it was prepared an anti-erosion and corrosion-resistant composite consisting of pure polyester  reinforced with (fiber glass, Kevlar fiber, carbon fiber and carbon nanotubes) subjected to the same conditions that the outer parts of the aircraft, ship fans and marine boats exposes,  with similar salinity and fine particles collisions with external structures and so on.

It has been noted significantly that the samples resist degradation, which can be taken advantage of these alternative materials to be cheap, light and anti-corrosion materials under conditions that may be exposed to. Also it can be manufacturing these structures with long life materials more than one time. Also it is clean, green and environmental friendly.

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