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            Academic Program Specification Forma for Post Graduate 2017/2018 Admission Requirements for Post graduate Graduation Requirements for Post graduate Admission Plan for Materials Engineering Department for the academic year 2018/2019                                        MSc Projects for 2016-2017 PhD Thesis                                                                                                                                                                 MSc Thesis                                                                                                                                                                

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    Academic Program Specification Forma for Undergraduate 2017/2018 Academic Program Specification Forma for Undergraduate 2018/2019 Academic Program Specification for Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering      

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                                                 Names of graduates 2017/2018                                        Names of graduates 2016/2017                                        Names of graduates 2015/2016                                        Names of graduates 2014/2015                                        Names of graduates 2013/2014                                        Names of graduates 2012/2013                                        Names of graduates 2011/2012                                        Names of graduates 2010/2011                                        Names of graduates 2009/2010                                        Names of graduates 2008/2009                                        Names of graduates 2007/2008                                        Names of graduates 2006/2007                                        Names of graduates 2005/2006                                        Names of graduates 2004/2005                                        Names of graduates 2003/2004                                        Names of graduates 2002/2003

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    Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2018/2019 Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2017/2018 Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2015/2016                                                                                                      Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2014/2015                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2013/2014                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2012/2013                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2011/2012                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2010/2011        

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                                                                                                                                                                            Lectures of First Class                                        Lectures of Second Class                                        Lectures of Third Class (General Materials Engineering Branch)                                        Lectures of Third Class (Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering Branch)                                        Lectures of Third Class (Polymeric & Petrochemical Materials Engineering Branch)                                        Lectures of Fourth Class (General Materials Engineering Branch)                                        Lectures of Fourth Class (Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering Branch)                                        Lectures of Fourth Class (Polymeric & Petrochemical Materials Engineering Branch)

MSc Thesis

  Title Supervisor Name Student name Year


Treatment of Iraqi Kaolin and its Uses in the Manufacture Ceramic Roofing Tiles

Dr. Emad A. Yousif Ruba J. Putrus 2005


Treatment of Iraqi Bauxite and its Application in Melting Crucibles

Dr. Emad A. Yousif

Muna Y. AL-Bazi



Studying Some Properties of Epoxy Reinforced with Natural and Industrial Material

Dr. Suhama E. Salih

Hussein J. Hussein



Effect of ZrO2 – Y2o3 Addition on Some of Physical and Mechanical Properties ( Na2o –CaO –SiO2 –p2o5 )

Dr. Sahib M. AL Saffar

Baydaa  H. waheed



Study of Effesct of Interfacial Shear Stress on the Mechanical Properties of (SRP) Composit

Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi

Aseel M. Abdullah



Studying of Thermo-Mechanical Treatment Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Al-Mg –Si Alloy Composite Reinforced by Al2o3

Dr. Saheeb M. Al Safaar

Manal H. Jasem



Possibility Study Concentration Serpentine Ore from Renjween Area in the North of Iraq

Dr. Emad A. Yousif

Murtada A. AL Sayad



Building System Design Electrochemical Study of the Evaluation Process for the Electro-Chemical and Brass Alloy Aldiolalumin

Dr. Emad A. Yousif

Ahmed H. Ali



Study the Possibility of the Concentration of Zinc and Lead Ores from the Site of Penguin and Zakho by Correction Foam Dr. Waleed A. Hanna

Mohanad N. Jawad



Study of Some Mechanical Properties for Matrix Composites (Al-Cu-Mg) Alloy Reinforced by Ceramic Particles

Dr. Suhama E. Salih

Sarmad E. Ibraheem



(Aluminum –Silicon –Magnesium ) Alloy Reinforced by Ceramic Materials

Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi

Hamza M. Kamal



Studying Mechanical and Physical Properties for Unsaturated Polyester Reinforced by Fiber Glass and Nylon Fiber Composite

Dr. Suhama E. Salih

Lamees A. Khalaf



Study of  Mechanical Properties and Thermal Conductivity for Polymer Composite Material Reinforced by Aluminum and Aluminum Oxide Particles

Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi

Saad M. Elie



Fabrication and Characterization of Highly Crystalline Hydroxyapatite Used for Bone Joining Replacement and  Reconstruction

Dr. Kahtan K. AL Khazraji

Payman S. Ahmed



Study the Mechanical Properties and Theral Conductivity of Epoxy Composite Materials Reinforced by Fiber-Glass and Heat Treated Rice Husk

Dr. Suhama E. Salih

Basma H. Mohammed



Study of Polymer Quenchants Effect on the Properties of Some Steel Alloys

Dr. Waleed A. Hanna & Dr. Laith K. Abbas

Manar A. Najim



Improving the Properties of the Tire Tread by Adding SiO2 and Al2O2o3 to SBR and NR Rubber

Dr. Jawad K. Oleiwi

Mayyadaa Sh. Abed



Study the Effect of Aluminum or Copper Power Addition on Characteristics of Elastic Bucking of Unsaturated Polyester Matrix Composite

Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza

Tahseen Sh.Bdiwi



Preparation and Studying Some Factors Effecting on Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Ceramic

Dr. Mohammed H. Olewi & Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad

Hussein A. Jaber



Studying Mechanical and Physical  Properties for Polymer Matrix Composite Material Reinforced by Fibers and Particles

Dr. Suhama E. Salih & Dr. Kadhim M. Shebeb

Qahtan A. Hamad



Preparation and Characterization of Polymer- Ceramic Composite B10 -Material

Dr. Kahtan K.AL Khazraji

Rabab A. Abdal Aziz



Preparation of Al–7Si Composite Material Reinforced by Fly Ash and Dust Particales and Studying it,s Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties

Dr.Suhama E. Salih & Dr.Saheeb M. Al Safaar

Sulaf M. Darakan



Effect of Flaming Thermal Spraying Parameters on Wear Rate of Medium Carbon Steel

Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi

Ammar R. Hassan



The Effect of Some Additives on Some Properties of AL – Si Alloys of Eutectic Composition

Dr. Kahtan K.AL Khazraji

Rabab H. Shukur



Studying the Effect of Nano-Carbon Black Particales on the Properties of Tire Tread

Dr. Jawad K. Olewi

Nassier A. Nassir



Ceramic Filled Polymer Matrix Composite Used for Biomedical Application

Dr. Waleed A. Hanna & Dr. Abbas K. Hussein

Hayder A. Sallal



Preparation and Characterization of Continually Formed Functionally Graded Materials

Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi & Dr. Alaa A. Attiya

Noor Sh. Kafeel



Sintering Behavior of Prepared Nano-Sized Ceramic Powders

Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr. Saad B. Hasoon

Aseel Sh. Mahmood



Corrosion Behavior of Some Implant Alloys in Simulated Human Body Environment

Dr. Kahtan K. AL Khazraji & Dr .Rana A. Majeed

Zina N.AbdulHameed



The Role of Ta & Nb Additives on the Transformation Temperature of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

Dr. Saheeb M. Al Safaar & Dr. Emad Saadi Al-Hassani

Rash A. Hussein



The Effect of Surface Melting on the Alloy Dentistry Corrosion in the Middle of an Artificial Saliva Existence of Harmful Substances Dr. Rana A. Majed Ali A. Muhsan 2012


Preparation of Aluminum Nano Wire Using Anodizing Process and Pressure

Dr. Kahtan K. AL Khazraji & Dr .Ahmed A. Mousa

Ahmed A. Hashoosh



The Effect of Alloying Elements on the Shape Memory Alloy Ti-Ta Biomedical Dr. Saheeb M. Al Safaar & Dr. Emad Saadi Al-Hassani Fatema J. Mohammed 2012


Study forAdding of Min Titanium Dioxide on the Physical Properties of the Binary Mixer Dr.Suhama E. Salih & Dr. Abdul Khaliq F. Hmood Aliaa H. Abdul Salam 2012


Cold Spray Process to Produce Thin Films of Tellurium Dioxide and Tellurium For GAS Sensors Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza & Dr. Alaa A. Abdel -Hamead Sinan S. Hamdi 2012
36 Preparation and Modeling of High Performance Materials and Functionally Gradient in Space Applications Dr. Alaa A. Attiya & Dr. Saad B. Hasoon Dhiaa N. Abdul Ameer 2012
37 Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Composite Powder of Alumina / Al Kromaa Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad Oday A. Mhatlaf 2012
38 Mechanical Properties and Wear for Erosion (CFRP) Particulate Additions Dr. Abbas K. Husain & Dr. Usama M. Sultan Ruaa H. Abdulraheem 2012
39 Anti-Surface to the Atmosphere (surface Super Haedrovobk) by Cold Spray Technology Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza & Dr. Alaa A. Abdel -Hamead Shatha K. Mohammed 2013
40 Improve the Mechanical Properties and Behavior for the Vertical Drilling Equipment, Based on Ceramic-Coatings Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr. Abdul Khaliq F. Hmood Lamis S. Faiq 2013
41 Mechanical Behavior of a Hollow Cylinder Made ​​of the Materials Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi & Dr. Alaa A. Attiya Marwan A. Madloom 2013
42 Manufacturing and Characterization of Polymeric Mixtures Composite Reinforced Textured Natural Dr.Suhama E. Salih & Dr. Akram R. Jabr Tib A. Mohammed 2013
43 Tensile Strength and Buckling of the Polyester unsaturated glass fiber reinforced Dr. Jawad K. Oleiwi & Dr. Emad Saadi Al-Hassani Alaa A. Mohammed 2013
44 Design and Sintering Materials Functionally Gradient that Relevance of (Fe / ZrO2) Dr. Alaa A. Attiya Ahmed T. Aziz 2013
45 Modeling and Characterization of Polymeric Composite Materials Reinforced with Particles Dr. Jawad K. Oleiwi & Dr. Farhad M. Othman Esraa F. Ghazi 2013
46 Study the inhibition of corrosion of carbon steel A515 in aqueous medium containing hydrogen sulfide at the temperature of 575° Dr. Mohammed H. Hafod & Dr .Rana A. Majeed Rana S. Noor 2013
47 Practical and Theoretical Study of the Corrosion of Carbon Steel in a Solution of 5% Sodium Chloride for Water Carburetor Petroleum Industries Dr .Rana A. Majeed & Dr. Ali H. Jawad Dalia M. Jomah 2013
48 The Effect of a Concentration on the Phase Evolution of Ternary Ceramic of (Ti-AL-C) System Dr. Kahtan K. AL Khazraji & Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Mazin N. Ali 2013
49 Manufacture of porous refractory ceramic bodies by adding local porcelanite to the kaolinete Dr. Mohammed H. Olewi & Dr. Alaa H. Ali Abeer F. Abbas 2013
50 Building Model For Aluminum Alloy Treated Thermally Dr. Abbas K. Husain Ashraq A. Kadhum 2014
51 Manufacturing and Characterization of Nano-Composite Veraiti Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza Zainab E. Dhari 2014
52 The Study of Solid State Reaction of the Tripartite Systems (Ti-Al-C, Cr-Al-C, V-AL-C) Dr. Alaa A. Attiya & Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Mohammed A. Naser 2014
53 PreparationofTernary Carbides (V2AlC  and  Cr2AlC ) And  Investigation Their Corrosion Resistance in Different  Media Dr.Rana Afif Majed & Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Russul Fadhel Faleh 2014
54 Iron Pipeline corrosion protection by using multi coatng of   sherardizing  and polymers

Dr. ALI H. Ataiwi & Dr. Sihama E. Salih

Gufran Abdul Mahdi Shanan 2014
55 Investigation of Some Properties and  Erosion  Wear of Composite Materials Reinforced By different Systems

Dr.Emad Saadi AL-Hassani & Dr.Aseel Basim Abdul Hussein

Reem Alaa Mohammed 2014
56 Corrosion  behavor of steel (St37-2)by using natural products as Inhibitors In Petroleum Miedium Dr.Rana Afif Majed & Dr . Mohammed H. Alzuhairi Hiba Anwer Abdullah 2014
57 An  Experimental  Study  of Aluminum Cans Recycling in Iraq Dr. jawad K. Oleiwi & Dr. farhad M.Othman Tuka Abd-Alzahraa Jabar 2014
58 Statistical Model and Experimental Study  for   Erosion of Steel Pipe (A106) in Two Phase Media


Dr. Ali H.Ataiwi & Dr. Ayad KHassan

Ban Abdulelah Fadil 2014
59 Preparation and Characterization  of Polymers Blends Reinforced by Nano-Powder

 Dr .Sihama E.Salih & Dr . Kadhum Madhum M.Shabeeb

Rula Falih Hasan 2014
60 Preparation  and Characterization of Biopolymer Nanofibers         Using Electrospun

Dr. Akram Raheem jabur & Dr.Laith Kais Abbas

Safa Mohammed M.Aldain 2014
61 Investigation the Influence of the Compotibilizer and Nano Filler On the Properties of Polymer Blends

Dr. Sihama E.Salih & Dr. jawad k.Oleiwi

Rawaa Adnan AbdlAmeer 2015
62 Fabrication and Characterization of Microstructure Sensor  for Gases Detection Dr. Farhad M.Othman & Dr.Alaa A.Abdul Hameed Alaa S.Taeh 2015
63 Investigation of mechanical and physical properties of the compounds sawdust laboratories / unsaturated polyester Dr. Kazem Mutter Shabib & Mohammed H. Alzuhairi Sally Abdul Hussein Kadhem 2015
64 Manufacturing and characterization of pylon of artificial lower limb of composite materials Dr. jawad K. Oleiwi Shaima Gomaa Ahmed 2015
65  controlling the corrosion By coatings nanomaterials Dr.Rana Afif Majed & Dr . Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Doaa Ayed Abdullah 2015
66 Conductive polymer technology twisting electron manufacturing Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr.Akram Raheem jabur Noor Mohammad Jalal 2015
67 Composition of concrete advanced composite material Dr. Alaa A. Attiya & Dr.Saad B. Hasoon Ahmed Saad Kadhem 2015
68 erosion behavior of polymeric complexes supported nanoscale materials Dr. Fadhel Abbas Hashem & Dr.Aseel Basim Abdul Temara Kadhim Raad 2015
69 Manufacture and characterization of nanoscale powders for industrial application Dr. Farhad M.Othman & Dr.Alaa A.Abdul Hameed Mustafa Mohammed Saleh 2015
70 Coating alloy steel manner Mahlol- gelatin for medical purposes Dr. Fadhel Abdul Ricn & Dr. Fadhel Abbas Hashem Doaa Alaa Abdul Hussein 2015
71 Examination of Corrosion Behaviour of the shape memory alloy of copper basis in different circles Dr. Alaa Hassan Ali & Dr.Emad Saadi AL-Hassani Sarah Talal Hatem 2016


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