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    ًWeekly Schedule of first Term Postgraduate Studies MSc (2022-2023) Post Graduate Schedule first Semester 2022-2023 PhD Study The materials and references for the competitive examination 2023-2024                                                                         Admission Requirements for Post graduate                                          Graduation Requirements for Post graduate                                               MSc Projects for 2016-2017                                             PhD Thesis                                          MSc Thesis

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    Academic Program Specification Forma for Undergraduate 2017/2018 Academic Program Specification Forma for Undergraduate 2018/2019 Academic Program Specification for Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering      

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          Alumni Follow-up Unit   Names of graduates 2016/2017 Names of graduates 2015/2016 Names of graduates 2014/2015 Names of graduates 2013/2014 Names of graduates 2012/2013 Names of graduates 2011/2012 Names of graduates 2010/2011 Names of graduates 2009/2010 Names of graduates 2008/2009 Names of graduates 2007/2008 Names of graduates 2006/2007 Names of graduates 2005/2006 Names of graduates 2004/2005 Names of graduates 2003/2004 Names of graduates 2002/2003

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    Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2018/2019 Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2017/2018 Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2015/2016                                                                                                      Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2014/2015                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2013/2014                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2012/2013                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2011/2012                                        Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2010/2011        

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    Lectures of First Class Lectures of Second Class Lectures of Third Class (General Materials Engineering Branch) Lectures of Third Class (Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering Branch) Lectures of Third Class (Polymeric & Petrochemical Materials Engineering Branch) Lectures of Fourth Class (General Materials Engineering Branch) Lectures of Fourth Class (Ceramics and Building Materials Engineering Branch) Lectures of Fourth Class (Polymeric & Petrochemical Materials Engineering Branch)

PhD Thesis


The Name of the Student

Supervisor Name


Payman S. Ahmed

Dr. Kahtan K. AlKhazriji

Dr. Jawad K. Oleiwi

Fatigue characteristics of Trans- Tibial prosthetic Socket 1
24/10/2013 Ahmed F. Ai Dr. Mohammed S. Hamza

Dr. Najim Abdul Ameer

Investigation Composite Reinforced Polyphenylene Sulfide for Airframe Structure Applications 2
31/10/2013 Hussein A. Jaber Dr. Mohammed H. Olewi

Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad

Preparation and Characterization of Boron Carbide Under low Temperature 3
15/12/2013 Marwan N. Ali Dr. Sohama E. Saleh

Dr. Jaafer T. Al Haydari

Improvement and Modeling Ferromagnetic Memory Alloy to be Used in Bio-Medical Application 4
13/02/2014 lamees A. khalaf Dr. Sahib M. Al Safar

Dr. Waled A.Hana

Manufacturing and Characterization of Polymeric Compounds Basically Used in Biomedical Applications 5
08/05/2014 Nawal M. Mahmmod Dr. Alaa A. Atiyah

Dr. Abulraheem K. Abd Ali

Prepare and Study the Characteristics of Alloy NiTi with the Addition of Copper 6
19/06/2014 Mayyadah Sh. Abed Dr. Kahtan K. AlKhazriji

Dr. Ali H. Ataiwi

Diagnosis and Preparation Composites  of Carbon NanoTubes 7
26/01/2015 Qahtan Adnan Hamad Dr. sihama Issa Salih

Dr. Jawad Kadhim Oleiwi

Fabrication and Characterization of Denture Base Material by Hybrid Composites from Self Cured PMMA Resin 8
11/02/2015 Nabaa Sattar Radhi Dr. Mohammad Hliyil  Hafiz

Dr.Alaa Abdulhasan.Atiyah

Preparation,  Characterization  and  Modeling of Functionally  Graded  Materials in Bio-applications 9
26/02/2015 Basma Hashim M.Al-Tamimi Dr. Fadhil A.Chyad

Dr. Saad B.H.Farid

Synthesis  and Characterization  of  Graphene and its Polymer Nanocomposites 10
27/08/2015 Oadh Jabbar Bureihi Dr. Sihama Easa Saleh & Dr. Fadhel Abbas Hashem Manufacture and characterization of polymeric blends advanced nanoscale overlapping 11
27/10/2015 Sura Abdul-Zahra Mohsen Dr. Jawad Kadhim Oleiwi & Dr. Rana Afif Majid Investigate the behavior of overlapping material with a basis of metallic planted surgery 12
10/12/2015 Iqbal Mohammed Saeed Dr. Saad Badri Hassoun Freid & Dr.Fadel Abbas Hashem The role of the chemical composition and prepreg surface treatment on the properties of dental materials 13
22/12/2015 Sura Salim Ahmed Dr. Iman Mohammed Tariq & Dr. Alaa Baqer Kadhim Compton Scattering Imaging For Measuring Corrosion and Cracks 14
22/12/2015 Ahmed Neama Hadi Dr. Jawad Kadhim Oleiwi Improve the performance of artificial feet of reinforced polymer blends different systems 15
10/03/2016 Sarmad Emad Ibrahim Dr. Farhad Mohamed Osman & Dr. Alaa A. Abdul Hamid Studying the Effect of Nano Additives Materials in Cement Coating for Building Applications 16
17/04/2016 Ahmed Hussein Ali Dr. Muhammad Halil Hafiz & Dr. Alaa Abdul Hassan Atiya Modeling and the preparation of graded material stratified internal combustion engines applications 17
11/05/2016 Ahmed Muzaffar Hashim Dr. Jawad Kadhim Oleiwi Numerical study process and materials overlapped biogenic natural fiber reinforced internal stabilizers used for long bone fractures 18
02/06/2016 Shaima Jaber Karim Dr. Fadhil A. Chyad & Dr. Akram Rahim Jabr Manufacturing specifications Alpf Lafratip nanoparticles way electric furnace 19
13/06/2016 Alia Hussein Abdul Salam Dr. Sihama Easa Saleh & Dr. Ahmed M.H. Abdulkadhim Manufacture and characterization of overlapping polymer nano-advanced medical applications 20
14/3/2018  Ehab Fathi Ayoub

Dr. Alaa Hasan Ali

Dr.Mohammed Hayder

Production of refractoriness from local materials and improving their properties for use in applications with high temperatures  21
 15/3/2018  Noor Sharif

 Dr. Abbas  Khamas Hussein

Dr. Alaa Abd Al hasan Atyia

Preparation and characterization of bio functionally graded materials   22
28/7/2019   Zena AbdulAmir Salman

Dr. Farhad Mohammed Othman

Dr. Alaa Alaa El Din Abdel Hamid 

 Manufacture of Triple Metal Oxides Gas Detector for Diagnostic Medical Applications  23
7/11/2019   Sally Abdul-Hussein Kadhum

 Dr.Suhama Issa Saleh

Dr.Fadhel Abbas Hashim

Dr Mohammed Jawad Issa

Fabrication of polymeric composite porous 3D scaffold for bone tissue engineering  24
 7/11/2019  Hayder Abbas Sallal

Dr Farhad Mohammed. Othman

Dr. Alaa Aladeen  Abdul-Hameed 

Fabrication of Advanced Ceramic Materials for Bio Composite Applications
19/01/2020  Osama Abdul-Bari khuder

Dr. Rana Affif Majeed

Dr. Khadim Mutter shibeb 

Improvement Some Properties of Gallium Alloy for Dental Application  26

 Zainab Azeez bati

Dr. Ali Hussein Otaiwi

Dr. Khadim Mutter shibeb 

Study the Improvement of Mechanical Properties of High Chromium Cast Iron by Isothermal Treatments  27
5/3/2020  Maha Jassim Muhammad

 Prof. Kazem Matar Shabib

Dr. Bassam Ibrahim Khalil

Preparation and modification of PVC-grafting-AM membrane for wastewater treatment  28
8/18/2020   Ishraq Abdul-Razzaq Kazem

Dr  Zuhair Jabbar Abdul Amir

Dr. Aseel Bassem Abdul Hussein 

Preparation and properties of natural biopolymers for bone regeneration  29
6/8/2020  Noor Mohammed Jalal

 Dr. Mohammed Salab Hamza

Dr.  Akram Rahim Jabr

 Fabrication of electrospun membranes for fuel cell applications 30
2020 Teeb Adnan Muhammad 

 Professor Suhama Isa Salih

Dr. Wafaa Mahdi Salih

Effect of environmental condition of multifunctional polymeric composite material manufactured for structural applications  31
12/10/2020   Alaa Abd Mohammed

Dr. Emad Saadi Abdel Karim

Dr.  Jawad Kadhim Alaiwi 

Preparation and Characterization of Prosthesis Composite Materials for Medical Applications  32
 04/12/2021  Hiba Anwar Abdul Allah

 Dr. Rana Afif Majeed

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassen

Deposition of Advanced Coating for Industrial Applications  33


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