Quality Division

Main mission:

Improving the performance of the department’s sections based on the university’s mission and the national quality standards for institutional work and coordination with the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department


Tasks and duties:

  1. Developing the strategy of the department to ensure quality and the necessary programs to develop the performance of the department.
  2. Implementing the evaluation files, following up on their results, analyzing them, and submitting them to the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department.
  3. Conduct self-evaluation, collect its results, and extract strengths and weaknesses from them.
  4. Providing plans for continuous improvement of performance to achieve quality assurance in all components of the educational process.
  5. Holding seminars, workshops, and training courses to familiarize department members with quality concepts and modern methods to improve the quality of university work.
  6. Coordinating and supervising the annual performance evaluation of the department’s staff.
  7. Writing self-evaluation reports according to the required standards.