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The Department of Materials Engineering holds an awareness seminar

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The Materials Engineering Department held an awareness seminar entitled: "Domestic violence and its effects on the individual and society"

It was on Tuesday, 23/4/2024, at 10:30 am in the Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis Hall/Civil Engineering Department.

It was attended by Colonel Walid Khaled Muhammad, Mr. Saif Sabri Qasim/Community Police, and Lecturer Asst. L. Haneen Rashid Majeed/ Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance, and in the presence of the Assistant President of the University of Technology for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Farhad Muhammad Othman and Mr. Head of the Department, Prof. Dr.  Jawad Kazem Aliwi and Mr. Administrative Assistant, Asst. Prof. Dr. Laith Waddah Ismail, and Mr. Administrative Assistant of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. The honorable Wael Shawqi Abdel-Sahib and a group of members of the community police and a number of university teaching staff, employees and students. The symposium included learning about the meaning of domestic violence, its types, the effects that lead to violence, the mission of the community police in reducing this phenomenon, and the responsibility placed on the citizen in reporting incidents of domestic violence. The symposium included the psychological effects on the abused individual and on society as a whole

At the end of the lecture, the Administrative Assistant to the University President, Prof. Dr. Farhad Muhammad Othman and the Head of the Department praised the outstanding efforts of the lecturers and appreciated their efforts with certificates of appreciation for the lecturers.


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