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The Materials Engineering Department holds a workshop

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The Department of Materials Engineering, in cooperation with the Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research, held a workshop entitled:

"The benefits of afforestation for humans and the environment"

  It was on Tuesday, 12/3/2024, at nine in the morning, in the seminar hall at the Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Eng. Engineer Huda Abbas Zidan, and in the presence of the Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Farhad Muhammad Othman, a ministerial committee responsible for afforestation, and a group of teaching staff and associates. The workshop included the importance of afforestation, the importance of afforestation and planting plants and trees that contribute to purifying the air and reducing temperatures, in addition to reducing desertification, dust storms and other many benefits of trees. All of this contributes to spreading this culture and constantly educating the community to urge them to establish such initiatives.

At the end of the workshop, the Administrative Assistant, Prof. Dr. Farhad Muhammad Othman praised Eng. Huda Abbas for her valuable lecture and the efforts made and encouraged such initiatives because they are beneficial to the public interest. She was presented with a certificate of appreciation.


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